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Purpose-Built For a New Revenue Delivery Era

MedaSync was purpose-built as a solution to the increasingly complex administrative and reimbursement burdens placed on skilled nursing operators by managed care — and, soon, PDPM. Our goal is simply to create a one-of-a-kind blend of actionable data, capturing the key drivers to financial success and streamlining as many case management processes as possible. This helps SNFs significantly improve revenue integrity, strengthen operations, reduce costs, and gain a better understanding of business performance. And together, these benefits promote quality patient care.

Intelligent, Actionable Data That’s Driven by Artificial Intelligence

MedaSync uses sophisticated action-based AI and machine learning to synthesize more than 500 unique patient data points from sources such as your EHR, faxed referrals, insurance contracts, therapy systems, pharmacies, even CMS. This creates a unique combination of patient data from multiple sources to give you a complete understanding of your patients. We integrate with your existing platforms and sources and require no duplicate entry. Logic triggers create actionable alerts that keep your team informed.

Contract Rule Automation for Simpler Reimbursement Identification

Right now, you might be relying on experts to help you understand the complex rules in managed care contracts and to help you ensure those rules are being followed. This is a significant burden on top of an already growing workload, and certain things are bound to be missed. MedaSync automates the rules in your contracts, eliminating their complexity and removing the chance of services and other requirements being missed.

Workflow Automation That Addresses Volume and Human Error

Current systems prioritize documentation and billing and leave out automation, data sharing, and efficiency. Too many steps are required to accept a managed care case, and multiple employees (in multiple states) may be responsible for them. Billing for exclusions or requesting level changes? When are you capturing them? Who’s responsible for authorization? How is that communicated to billing? Where does human error creep in? MedaSync’s software automates and standardizes information sharing between case management, operations, and billing so the right people are informed, manual work is eliminated, and timely information is immediately shared.

Put Technology to Work for Your SNF

Automate and streamline operations, billing, and more with software created just for you.